A Starry Performance in Germany

It’s the time of year when chefs wait with baited breath for the ultimate judgement on their abilities – their Michelin rating. While some countries such as France and Italy are known around the world as centres of culinary excellence, Germany has been making a name for itself with a record 11 restaurants being awarded the coveted three-star rating. Although Berlin missed out on the top ratings, it still has five two-star offerings and nine one-star options. Given that Berlin’s restaurant scene is largely the product of the last 20 years and that it is being compared to cities such as Paris and London, this is hugely impressive and drew praise from the judges. Berlin is rapidly catching up with culinary trends around the globe, including “supper clubs” or as they are alternatively known “guerilla restaurants” – places, often run by private individuals, which open for one night and accommodate diners by invitation only. These clubs are not just about the food, they are a means of meeting new people and can attract savvy international visitors who find out about them from the internet and are looking for an unusual take on the country they are visiting. Some of them might even be experienced German NAATI translators on a hard-earned evening off!