All the Fun of the Frankfurt Book Fair

While those in southern Germany were busy celebrating the local beer, those further North headed to Frankfurt for the annual book fair. Although a more sober affair than the Oktoberfest, the book fair is still an international occasion. With 7500 exhibitions from 110 different countries, it’s the world’s biggest book fair, or as it’s called these days, the world’s biggest book and media fair and it’s a social event almost as much as a business one. One of the interesting points about the book fair is that it highlights both the social benefits of face-to-face meetings along with the ever-growing impact of digital communications and media. While some of the benefits of digital publishing are obvious in that it vastly reduces the costs of physically producing and transporting books, a less visible benefit is that it makes it significantly easier for people to find books in different languages and to have them delivered immediately and affordably to wherever they are in the world. This means not only that people travelling or living abroad for a while (or long-term) can catch up with their favourite authors, but also that their children will have a wide range of materials with which to learn their parents’ language. Who knows, they may become the new generation of German NAATI translators.