Bavarian Voices Are Best

A recent study saw Bavaria claim the title of Germany’s sexiest region, at least as far as accents are concerned. Admittedly much of its success lay in the fact that Bavaria has a relatively large population and that 62% of its inhabitants said that they found its dialect “particularly attractive”, while other regions not only had smaller populations, but also smaller a smaller percentage of voters supporting their local dialect. Overall Bavaria pulled in 26.2% of the vote.

Their success may raise a few eyebrows amongst those who learned German as a foreign language since the South-German accent and dialect are both (in)famously different to the “High” German spoken further North and taught internationally. On the plus side, those who head down South tend to find that Bavarians will make allowances for those who are brushing up their language skills and that once they have adapted, it’s easy to head over the border to Austria (which, interestingly was voted second in the poll). Switzerland, however, is another matter with a version of German even the Germans find challenging. Of course, the German reputation for speaking excellent English is generally well-founded with many of them spending time in English-speaking countries. Australia is, of course, a popular choice and using the services of a professional NAATI translator can help to ensure that there are no language barriers when it comes to getting a visa.