Do you have a business relationship with a company or government agency in a German language speaking country? If you do, then you should think about translating any business correspondence you have into German by an accredited German translation service. You could be surprised how well this will be received by your counterparts in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The very fact that you have taken the trouble to correspond in faultless German translated by a German translator Gold Coast or German translator Cairns could mean the difference between a deal successfully completed or not. It’s a simple courtesy, like inviting a visiting business representative out to dinner at your firm’s expense, which can pay handsome dividends. At the very least your business might be completed faster and you get your message over more effectively. Most German speaking firms do in fact have staff who can correspond and negotiate in English quite adequately, but it is not only good manners to use German in your correspondence. You are most likely to avoid any misunderstandings and it shows you are taking the matter at hand seriously.
Getting approvals from government departments overseas is part of normal business procedure. If you are negotiating with a firm in Germany itself, or any other country where German is the principal language, you may have to complete documentation and correspond with government departments or agencies in that country. It is likely that all official documents and any correspondence with a government agency will have to take place in German. An accredited translator can make all this sort of correspondence a lot easier to deal with. In many cases, all you need do is upload your correspondence onto the translation company’s website and you should get it translated into German from English or from German into English rapidly without having to send someone along to an office with the correspondence you want translated.