Hamelin Is Looking For Rat Catchers!

The town of Hamelin is appealing for a new rat-catcher, in fact, it needs two.  This time, however, thankfully, it’s not a plague of rodents that’s troubling the town, but groups of tourists in need of guidance.    The colourfully-dressed rat-catchers make it their job to ensure that they enjoy their experience, by telling them not only about the legend, but also about the real-life town of Hamelin and its vibrant and intriguing history.  The original town of Hamelin was a monastery, which grew into a village and then a town.  By Medieval times it was an important part of Hannover, a fact which was reflected in the heavy fortifications around the area.  The legend of the Pied Piper was said to have been based on a real event.  Originally it was believed that the story was a kind way of accounting for the deaths of many children through plague or some other disaster.  More recent research, however, suggests that the tale reflects the fact that younger people began to move away from Hamelin into the more Eastern areas of Germany and what is now central Europe.  It is known that a window in a church in Hamelin reflecting the events of the story was installed at the beginning of the 14th century but sadly destroyed in 1660.  The story of the Pied Piper has been told by many famous writers and translated into numerous forms and languages.  Those interested in visiting cities further afield can use the help of a German NAATI translator to ensure that they can do so easily.  A good German translation service will also ensure that payment terms are understood!  You can find a quality German translator in Sydney and other major cities.