The “Play Me I’m Yours” project was the brainchild of UK-based artist Luke Jerram and started in 2008 with 15 pianos located across Birmingham (England) for three weeks. As the project title suggests, they were left for people to play (or listen to) as they wanted and it is estimated that about 140,000 people in Birmingham did just that. The project then went global, opening in Brazil (Sao Paolo) in 2008 and reaching Sydney in 2009, Adelaide in 2011 and both Toowoomba and Perth in 2012. Fans of the project are still waiting to see when there will be more pianos in Australia; however it is clear that the project is gaining ever increasing recognition with over 20 cities expressing an interest. The latest is Munich, which installed the pianos on the 4th of May and will keep them available until the 19th. The installation was opened with a concert by Munich-based band The Becquerels. Music may be the only truly international language and there are many opportunities to engage in all sorts of musical activities in Australia, which is home both to some of the world’s hottest modern acts (like Kylie) as well as some excellent classical music facilities (like the Sydney Opera House). Engaging the service of a German NAATI translator will help to make your trip to Australia a noteworthy success.

“Pianist Playing The Piano” by Sira Anamwong