Some of the greatest historical finds have been made essentially by accident and one of those was made in Brandenburg very recently when a badger-watching sculptor realized that a sett-digging badger was unearthing human bones. He called in experts who discovered that the badger had been building its home on top of a medieval burial site. So far eight graves have been discovered, of which two belong to high-ranking warriors. Only time will tell how much this site will contribute to the understanding of Germany’s past.

In the mean time, in Australia, there are plans for a U.S.-led team to investigate a discovery which could significantly rewrite Australia’s history. Five copper coins dating somewhere between the 10th and 14th centuries were found in the Northern Territory, suggesting that Australia might have been known to international sailors far earlier than the 17th Century. The coins are from the former Kilwa Sultanate, which was formerly one of the most influential cities in East Africa due to its extensive trading links. One possible explanation for the coins is that they are a sign of international trading activity. If that is true, it would be interesting to know how the parties managed to communicate given that they would not have had the services of a professional NAATI translator.

“Compass On Coins” by thanunkorn