If you are a new migrant from a German speaking country, you may find some of the language you come across in your new home is quite technical. There is a saying here: “The devil is in the small print”. That means that there are many aspects of life that are controlled by rules and regulations which are not very obvious, especially if you are struggling with the language. Employment contracts, for instance, are very important documents. They spell out the terms and conditions of employment and what is expected of both the employer and the employee. If you have a dispute with your employer, your employment contract provides the foundation for justifying your side of the story.

The best solution with important documents like employment contracts, insurance policies and so on is to get them translated into German by a German translator who is accredited by the Australian government. That ensures you understand exactly where you stand and will prevent any misunderstanding you have with your employer or anyone else that has given you a technically worded document.

One of the certainties of life in Australia is the annual tax return that every adult person with a tax file number has to fill in after the end of each financial year. Anyone reading the instructions on an Australian tax return form for the first time is likely to be in for a shock. They are hard enough to understand, even if English is your first language! The tax return process can be done by an agent but if you do it yourself you must be able to understand the instructions on the form. A German translator can help to get the form translated so that you don’t make a mistake and either pay too much tax or too little. There are many ways in which a German translator can help you understand important documents you have to sign or use while you gradually settle into life in this country.