For those outside the U.S. the most interesting part of the Superbowl can be the entertainment and the commercial breaks. The importance of the event in the U.S. (and to U.S. expats) means that both entertainers and advertisers do everything they can to impress. This year’s offering from Mars, makers of M&Ms, was a stylish, glamorous affair, echoing classic gangster films. The yellow (peanut) M&M is kidnapped and told, by a Russian gangster, that he is going to be chopped up and sprinkled over ice cream at a stylish dinner party. Unfortunately the M&M does not understand Russian and affably tries to be friends with his new acquaintance. While it’s thankfully rare for real people to find themselves in such circumstances (and a future episode will presumably feature an escape), the situation of being utterly clueless as to what is being said is likely to be only too familiar.

Fortunately German English translators can come to the rescue. German NAATI translators are experienced in handling even the trickiest situations and the internet makes it easy to make contact with a German translator in Canberra or any other major Australian city. This all means that today, there’s no need to be a peanut.