In markets where there is little to no governance of translators and translation, it can be very hard to find a translation service capable of meeting a company’s needs.  With no objective means of determining quality, the winning of a contract often comes down to a matter of the lowest price.  This places translators under pressure to work quickly and that is when mistakes can happen.  Although translation is often thought of as being about words, figures matter too.  For example 1,00 and 1.00 can be viewed very differently depending on the punctuation customs in a given language.  Quality translators take great care to ensure that figures are formatted appropriately in the target language.  Amateurs may simply not know the difference.

Translator’s Figures

When looking for a German translator, a good place to start is an established German translation service.  Happy customers and repeat business are always positive signs.  Regardless of whether you’re looking for a German translator in Brisbane or any other major city, an established business will either be able to help.  You’ll have the confidence of knowing that they are putting their reputation into every translation, which means that you won’t have to worry about mistakes possibly damaging yours.