Don’t expect customers to chase after you once you have been qualified as a German English translator. There is a lot of competition in the translation industry today. You need to market yourself well if you wish to get the best translation jobs.

Most translators, whether new to the game or not, sign up to TranslatorsCafe and ProZ. There is no doubt that these websites attain high rankings by the major search engines, but at a cost to translators who often have to accept low wages because of the competitive nature of the sites. However, in the longer term, they are beneficial because they are places you can both construct a profile and build on it once you have gained a good reputation for the quality of your work. If you consistently achieve great results your name may even come up more readily in Google searches when someone wants a proficient German translator.

The next thing you need, which these days should really go without saying, is to set up your own website. It provides a place you can lead people to if they want to know more about you. First and foremost you should maintain an up-to-date blog as the search engines like things that are current. You can include on your website your qualifications, the names of key clients, examples of some of your best translation work and of course your prices. There are some businesses that offer cost effective website building tools such as and You don’t need to use them as your domain name but choose your own.

Brochures, business cards and emailings are other ways you can advertise yourself as a new translator. You may have to pay a leaflet dropper but it could be worth it and you can include your contact details, a sample of your work and your website address as well as your rates and time it takes to complete a German translation services project.

Social media, as you probably already know, is all the rage today. Whether you are an individual seeking friends, or a business seeking customers, almost everyone these days communicates through social media. The main ones are of course LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and it’s so easy to become a part of this global community whether as an individual successful German English translator or a business marketing translation services.